Sunday, June 29, 2008

Smuttynose IPA, Smuttynose Brewing Co., Portsmouth, NH

The Smuttynose IPA is a progressive beer, meaning that you enjoy the different ingredients throughout the beer tasting phase. The beer starts of with a malty taste, it then switches into a more fruity essence before leaving you with a bitter hop sensation. This IPA is good for the Summer, it's light tasting but packs a punch with a 6.6% ABV. The beer gets a 3.5

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mad_pollock said...

A pleasant IPA. Some hoppy bitterness but not too overpowering. It pours to a cloudy orange color out of a 12 oz. bottle. It's cloudy because it's a dry hopped unfiltered beer. If you are hop nut like me try this one. I'll give it a 3.7 out of possible 4.0.