Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Overdue Update

Sorry for the lack of content as of late, but I've encountered a few problems in getting some new beers reviewed. First off, I've been in the process of moving which sucks. Secondly, I've hit some restaurants/bars with such a generic offering of beers I haven't been trying anything new. This weekend however I am hitting the American Craft Beer Fest so I should have a few things to write about when my headache goes away. Lastly several readers have pointed out an error in my rankings (yes I am fallible), I underanked the Harpoon IPA, this is definitely a 4, not a 3.5. I've changed accordingly. I cannot believe I ranked it low as it is an all time favorite of mine. Mea culpa.

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Fuller said...

your commentary is demanded, and must be steady.

you're better than that, Phil. You are better than that.