Monday, November 2, 2009

Planet Porter, Boulder Beer Company, Boulder, Co.

In 1996 my friends and I went to the Brickskeller in Dupont Circle in Washington, DC. It was there my eyes were opened to a wide variety of choices of beer that had previously been limited to Keystone Premium or Keystone Light. One of the beers I chose was the Boulder Extra Pale Ale and I have been in love with Colorado beers ever since. So it was no surprise when I saw the Boulder Beer Company mixed pack I was going to pick it up. Now it has been well documented that I am not a porter guy, I often find porters to have a somewhat metallic aftertaste But I opted for the Boulder Beer Co Planet Porter because I have heard good things. The beers pours with very little head on it. And the beer is as smooth as it poured. The malt overpowers any real sense of hops. The dark malts provide a coffee flavor and you definitely get a sense of that bitterness you find when drinking coffee. I also didn't find that metallic taste which I have become accustomed to. The ABV is a solid 5.51%. I am going to give the Planet Porter a solid 3.5. Definitely a good recommendation for these cold winter months ahead when you just want to sit and sip a good strong, porter.
Lastly, I definitely recommend the Brickskeller as destination beer drinking in the DC area, it has been too long since I sat in their dark dining rooms perusing their legendary beer list.

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