Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Elephant, Carlsberg Brewing, Copenhagen, Denmark

Carlsberg Elephant stampeded onto the blog announcing it's presence as the first malt liquor with authority. The underbelly of Malt Liquors may reside in the Colt 45's and the Olde English's, but Carlsberg, Denmark's most upstanding brewery, has thrown it's hat into the ring. The Elephant staged such a fantastic assault on my taste buds I believe my eyes actually teared. The Elephant has a very dark biting taste which I had to summon all my courage and duende to get past to not leave a wounded Elephant behind. On the positive, ordering the beer was quite fun, it provided us with another of our elephant themed beers for the evening and it did provide a 7.2% ABV. Unfortunately these things did not get it out of a 1.0 ranking.

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